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My name is Isa

I've always loved the outdoors and nature, I just preferred looking at it from my warm cozy couch indoors. On my more adventurous days I would take a hike on a well maintained path. The reason; I always felt uncomfortable outside. It was cold, or scratchy, or itchy, but often it was all of those things. Also, there are a million critters and bugs that I don’t like or understand in the natural world, I was sure they were all out to get me. Especially bears, bears could still be out to get me.

Then along came camping

It started with exploring a small mining town and an old hotel, that was a smart move, roughin’ it without really roughin’ it. Then moved all the way up to camping. I was nervous, didn't know how to camp, but I went with others that were well seasoned. I didn’t even know how to pee in the woods. We all got to know each other reaaal quick. So camping I went (eventually I learned how to pee in the woods too, but I'll save that story).

Snow storm

It was fun to plan meals and imagine the s'mores by the campfire.

I couldn’t wait to enjoy a few adult beverages before snuggling in for the night in my new sleeping bag. I planned a great first camping trip. Nature had other plans. The wind picked up through the night; 40mph gusts. Then verrrrry early in the morning it began to snow. HARD. It was 17 degrees outside! Gear was shoved all our gear into the cars. Truly shoved, broke the tent racing the storm. In ten minutes we all decamped; nearly didn’t make it out of camp, the dirt road was getting snowed in as we left. We got stuck in a couple times on the way out to the main road.

After that harrowing experience I researched camp gear and habits before each trip.

Making every trip a little easier, more comfortable, & enjoyable. Purchased my first travel trailer, the best tent I’ve had yet. 😀 I’m aware that some might not call this camping, but I feel I served my time in tent city long enough!

I keep making camping improvements

I have changed my mind on how I'd like to travel best. I have sold that amazing off road travel trailer. I have learned that getting further and deeper into the woods is my favorite style of camping. Although that trailer can get into some great spots, I've decided to go even smaller.

I am sleeping in my car!

An off road glamping set up that still allows a shower and even a toilet! Now I can pee in the woods, or in my own damn toilet, thankyouverymuch. The bears will have a harder time getting to me in this setup as well.

Mountain chill


The outdoors have become such a big part of my life that it has changed me as a woman. Now I want to share what I have learned from shifting my mindset and finding adventure to help you!

I want to share my very imperfect adventures with you.

So you can learn from my missteps and my wins. So come get lost in these webpages and find your own imperfect adventure.
Imperfectly yours,

Lake sit

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