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Best Way to Make Camp Coffee

Camping and coffee go together like a campfire and s’mores. One of my favorite camping practices involves making hot coffee to start the day. It’s a wonderful way to warm up your hands and heart from the chill of the fresh outdoor mornings. I love warming my belly with coffee while inhaling cold pine breezes; such a moment of heaven. 

Needless to say, finding the best way to make the best tasting coffee every morning is of utmost importance. 

Check out the video below to see my favorite camp coffee makers and the one I recommend the most.

OMG! Simple Modern now makes a 32oz Slim Mug! I may need to buy that soon. They no longer make the blue style, but have a TON of options when it comes to coffee cups. I use many of their products and have also given them away as gifts. 

Also added a coffee I love from Amazon. I know not every one uses Costco. I like the one from Amazon better, it’s just a higher price than what I get at Costco. 

Comment below, let me know your favorite way to make camp coffee!


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