Camp Coffee Showdown

I am no coffee connoisseur, but I’ve always had a dream of becoming addicted to coffee. Now I’m living that dream. I had tried for years. Trying various brands and sweeteners, I just couldn’t get into it. But all the cool kids were doing it, so I kept trying.

It wasn’t until I was in my second go around of college that I finally got the addiction out of pure necessity to study more and sleep less. Finally, I had arrived.

Now coffee is such a wonderful morning tradition to enjoy while camping and at home. I have changed gears and moved from traditional style hot coffee to the cool indie world of cold brew coffee. 

Check out the video below for why I made the change and why I now recommend this style for the best camp coffee.

Quick and dirty Showdown comparison:

Areopress: Makes 8-24oz coffee for each pressing. (that’s what the manufacturer says, I bet that 24oz must come from dilution with water after the press). It has a very fair price point and now also offers a stainless steel reusable coffee filter!

GSI Java Drip: Makes 30oz coffee (they also have a 50oz) and is also at a fair price point. Looks like they have redesigned it since I bought one. No longer comes with the rigid plastic handle and the neoprene sleeve has no see through holes. I still like my version, I don’t know that I would recommend the new version, but I’ll include a link below so you can decide for yourself.

Secura Stainless Steel French Press: The one I bought is 50oz. capacity, but they also have a 34oz. Both are also are a fair price point.

Cold brew coffee maker: Makes 64oz of coffee! Yas!!! I would recommend beginners go with the prepackage set-up to get everything you need all together. This bundle is also a fair price. I have one myself and have given multiple away as gifts. If you already know you will be deep into the rabbit hole of cold brew, there is a higher price combo I would recommend instead. I recommend the separate jar, strainer, lid purchase because you get a better strainer this way. I will be doing another video specific to cold brew soon to explain the differences in stainers there.

Links to the goodness mentioned in the video are below. Let me know in the comments section what your favorite coffee style is: traditional hot or newfangled cold?

Imperfectly yours,



I am only recommending products I have USED and LOVE. If it’s something you're looking to buy, please consider doing so through these unique-to-me links. You pay the same price, but I earn a little change for the recommendation. Thanks for supporting me and my coffee addiction.
Areopress Stainless Steel Filter
GSI Java drip
Secura French Press
example of a cold brewing coffee set up
Cold Brew Coffee Set
Cold brew coffee strainer
The Tube cold brew filter
Mason jar and pourable lid and handle
Large Mason Jar and Spout

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