Electric Travel Blanket

Electric Travel Blanket: Hot Pocket

This is the only electric travel blanket I have found that keeps you warm from a portable battery. I couldn’t say no when they started the kickstarter campaign. First, let me ask you…

Do you get chilly even when you’re sitting by the fire? Maybe when your driving and your partner wants to crank the AC? Well, take a gander at this nifty little electric travel blanket. It’s rechargeable battery can get charged anywhere your cell phone can. Oh, and this electric blanket can charge your cell phone too! Whhhhaaaat?!!

It’s also a bag. A bag that can warm your undies, jammies, extra blanket, whatever before you throw them on. 

Watch the video below to see what I’m talkin’ about.

Comment below and let me know; it this for you, or do you like to stay chilly?

Imperfectly yours,


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