Fatboy cooler ice test

This was my first video. It should help you to get the gist though, the fatboy cooler is…pretty cool! Ha! I just couldn’t resist!I refill about every four days now with new ice, only because I like to drain the water out. There is no problem using the ice I started the trip with for the full 4 days of camping that I normally take. I no longer use the coleman shown in the video, the handle broke and the plug was annoying to use. So that got recycled. I prefer the fatboy and dream of buying a second smaller size soon.

Update: I bought a smaller Fatboy cooler for our a vacation to hold his fresh caught fish in. Look forward to another Fatboy video update. I now exclusively use our Fatboy coolers for my camp trips, but plan on using a 12v fridge/freezer one day as well.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite cooler is and why?

Imperfectly yours,


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