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Fatboy Cooler Review and Update: 3 years later

Well, well, well, looks like I finally got around to reviewing this awesome cooler of mine.


Soooo, I did a TON of research before throwing my money at a company that I had previously never heard of. I will admit that I got some product features confused and thought the fatboy came with reversible feet. It does not, please do not attempt this at home. I convinced to pry off one foot, only to find the soft innards of our beautiful new cooler fluffing away in the wind. In the attempts to shove it back in; there may or may not have been too much force exerted and busted through to the inside of the cooler. Oops! I have fixed this with silicone; and I do have to reapply it somewhat regularly after extended use. My bad! 😩

That being said, I have continued to beat up this cooler and still love the heck out of it. A truck cover has scratched the top, so now I throw a towel over it when travelling, problem solved. The rubber feet make it tough to move, since it won’t slide in our rubber lined truck; so it’s kept stationed at the back of the truck. This makes it easier anyways since you need easy access to food when travelling.  

Hint, hint fatboy; we would love to see reversible feet that included a plastic smooth sliding side. 

I also bought the accessory pack, 2 of ‘em actually because I wanted 2 inside baskets. I only received one and the cutting board was warped.

Kudos to fatboy; when I reached out to them they were very quick to reply to any questions as well as to the concerns of not getting all our shizzle. We received a replacement cutting board and our second accessory pack that we had already paid for post haste. Free shipping!

I love this cooler! The color was a big selling point for me, blends in with the woods I like to camp in. So I’d like to think the bears are less likely to notice it. 

To that note, I am more concerned with other envious people stealing the cooler while I’m out and about. I found that the siberian lock bracket fit this fatboy perfectly. I just chain it to a tree; leave camp; and pray no one has bolt cutters to jack my coveted cooler. 

The pressure release button is much handier than I thought it would be. I took a three week road trip up and down the west and changed elevations regularly. Even with brute strength, without this helpful push button, I would have starved. No, not really. But at first I forget it was there and tried to open this sucker without pushing it…there were neck veins popping’ fo sho! 

The large valve on the side is great when dumping at the end of the trip and the little one is good to open juuuust a little to let any melted water out. 

The rubber latches require a tiny bit of muscle; but it makes me feel like I am really earning that beer I’m reaching for. 

In my other video I showed that by day seven and a half is when the cooler reached spoiling temps. Until that point it stayed between 28 and 30 degrees for the first 6+ days. I found that in day to day use, I needed to replace the ice about every 5 days since I were in and out of it so often; taking and replacing food in it. I always had ice left, just added top off’s. 

Sooo, to wrap it up. Yes, buy one if you have a few hundred and your ready to invest in a rugged cooler. It’s the best deal I found on the webs. I do not regret throwing cash at this thing; especially with as rough as I’ve been on it. In fact I’ve thought of buying another smaller size when the funds are available for my shorter day trips. I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

Comment below if you have a fatboy or are thinking about getting one.


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*I don’t have experience with this item

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