Top 5 fears

Travel and camp anxiety – My top 5 fears

If I’m honest, my Imperfect Adventure began with a ton of anxiety for my first camp trip. I was super nervous. Predominantly excited, but I had a good amount of anxiety about a handful of things. 

Bears, obviously bears! Thankfully I have learned I do not actually need to be as frightened of them as I thought. I have even had a couple of somewhat close encounters with them. A couple grizzlies walking near the truck while hanging up north at Glacier National Park. I thought that was pretty freakin’ awesome of course, but was also incredibly grateful to be in a locked vehicle they had no interest in. 

Of course another travel camping fear is injury or getting maimed. This is remedied by a very robust knowledge of emergency healthcare. Couple that with a first aid kit that is way beyond a plastic box filled with bandaids. 

Preparation: Uhhhh, yeah, I definitely overdo it here. What if there aren’t enough snacks, or warm clothes, or cool clothes, or blankets. or maps, or binoculars, or, or, or??? So this travel anxiety will always be with me. Although I am always over prepared, I still worry I might miss something, so I over prepare and plan. The great thing about that is I am able to be spontaneous on the actual adventure because I feel that I did everything possible to keep me safe, comfy, and happy. 

Bugs! ERG! Is there anything more infuriating than finding out a mosquito secretly laid attack on your body while you were completely unaware? Only to have a never ending scratch-fest for the rest of your camp trip? The only remedy I have found for this itch is to put peppermint essential oil on the inflammation, usually stops the itch for most the day. I’ve also heard that it keeps keep bugs away, but I find that Cedarcide works better for that. 

Last travel anxiety I was concerned about for my first camp trip was the lack of toilets. It ended up being an overnight trip related to weather conditions, but I still knew that I needed to figure out how to pee in the outdoors. I was so wracked with apprehension about this. Thankfully, I figured it out with a bit of practice and even trialing some devices. So proud that I can now piddle anywhere (at least where acceptable! 😂). 

Also, an item I forgot to RAVE about in the video; the Kula cloth. I love this thing so much! Pair that with the above and beyond customer service. The owner helped to expedit one to me just days before my big trip last year. I was so very glad she did, I will never travel, hike, camp without it. 

Make sure to comment below; tell me the thing that makes you most anxious when traveling?

Imperfectly yours,



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