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MODL Water Bottle: Best Hiking Water Bottle

MODL water bottle is a real tongue twister. Say it out loud, for reals, it’s tough!
This is the most inventive bottle I have run across in all the research I do on camp gear. I was so excited when I saw this water bottle. This is the best hiking water bottle I have yet to find.
It does a great job of blending weight reduction, multi-use functionality, and clean tasting water. The real reason I wanted this, is to get away from the plastic taste of water bladders.
Honestly, the water bladders I’ve tried make me want to retch. So, obviously, I don’t drink water from them while hiking. Which, uhhh, is definitely not good (particularly on hot hikes when I’m already in a pissy mood!).
So watch the video, and comment below, let me know if you’re as impressed as I am.
Really feeling this hiking, camping, do it all water bottle?
You can check them out here: 

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